NABU Director

Over the past six months, we have focused on improving the efficiency of investigations and optimizing the work of the Bureau. The challenge of today is eradicating corruption, which during the war has become worse than just a crime. After all, every stolen hryvnia from the state budget is a betrayal of those Ukrainians who defend our country on the front lines with weapons in hand. The challenge of the future is the restoration of Ukraine after victory, when zero tolerance for corruption should become a universally accepted norm. The speed of our country's reconstruction will depend on this. Firstly, we continued to digitize the criminal justice process. Currently, the electronic criminal proceedings system eCase is almost implemented: only the integration with the "D-3" judicial system remains, which upon completion will allow detectives to file motions to the court online. Going digital will save both human and paper resources. Additionally, the Bureau has introduced a mechanism for prioritizing investigations: detectives are focusing on crimes committed during the war, as well as embezzlement of funds allocated for reconstruction. Because corruption is our defeat in the war. However, to increase the effectiveness of investigations, we critically need to increase the staff: currently, 250 detectives cannot cover all corruption crimes in the country. While we await appropriate decisions from parliament, we have managed to create a new detective department in Dnipro on our own, as well as increase the staff engaged in investigations by 20 people. This required reducing the administrative block. I want to thank every detective, every analyst, every employee of NABU. The work you do methodically, sometimes routinely, but extremely effectively, brings us closer to the country of the future. A country we will be proud of.


Ukraine is intensifying its fight against corruption, making the first half of this year the most productive in the entire history of the NABU and SAP activities. Thanks to coordinated and professional work, we have notified 137 individuals of suspicion and sent 58 indictments involving 147 individuals to court. Apart from increasing quantitative indicators, NABU and SAPO demonstrate qualitatively better results. For example, a criminal organization led by the former head of the State Property Fund of Ukraine was exposed, as well as undue advantage received by the Head of the Supreme Court and his intermediary; an indictment in the so-called "Rotterdam+" formula case was sent to court. SAPO prosecutors ensured the support of public prosecution in over 250 cases. As a result of judicial proceedings with the participation of SAPO prosecutors, the HACC passed 31 verdicts against 42 individuals, which also significantly exceeds previous periods' indicators. In the first half-year, SAPO continued active work on the civil forfeiture. Prosecutors already filed 4 asset recovery lawsuits and achieved the first victory. We also, jointly with NABU, take all possible measures to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine, thus facilitating the transfer of over 1.7 billion hryvnias for the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, including the UNITED24 Army of Drones project. However, in the conditions of limited human and institutional resources, SAPO urgently needs reform, strengthening of independence and institutional capabilities. These steps will allow us to achieve better results and demonstrate to international partners the readiness of the anti-corruption system for the start of Ukraine's reconstruction.


NABU and SAPO continued their fight against internal enemy - corruption 

In 2023, detectives and prosecutors maintained their high work pace: in the last six months alone, they exposed and served suspicion notices on 137 persons. Indictments against 147 persons were sent to court. As a result, nearly a thousand persons are now facing trial.


The need to win the war and rebuild the country after victory are the main goals and priorities for the entire nation as a whole and the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine in particular.

Corruption today is not just a criminal offense; it's a crime against the Ukrainian state and people, direct aid to the enemy, and a blow to the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians, both men and women, who defend the country's independence with weapons in hand.


The appointment of the National Bureau Director in March 2023 contributes to Ukraine's progress in the fight against corruption on its path towards Euro-Atlantic integration. Strengthening international cooperation is one of the Bureau's main priorities.

The leadership and representatives of the National Bureau actively participated in international projects, including a study visit to the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Austria and participation in the Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum. They also attended various events held in Paris at the headquarters of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).


These appendices contain statistical information on the NABU activities in the first half of 2023 as required by Article 26 of the Law of Ukraine “On the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine”