NABU effectively cooperated with other agencies to identify and neutralize the external enemy

In the second half of 2022, the National Bureau focused on its key task - exposing corruption. However, cooperation with law enforcement and security agencies to identify the enemy and tackle the consequences of russian aggression, launched in the first half of the year, continued.

NABU employees seconded to the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine organized the receipt of reports on the plans of the enemy forces and their deployment, as well as data on their destruction. Detectives took part in special operations. One of them was the evacuation of three Ukrainian marines, who spent over six months in occupation, to the government-controlled terrain.

Detectives also helped the Security Service counter-intelligence carry out a successful special operation to expose and neutralize russia's agent network in the Kharkiv region.

NABU's Special Operations officers took part in about 80 Security Service operations in the Kharkiv and Odesa regions. They were repeatedly involved in counter-subversive activities and operations to eliminate enemy sabotage and reconnaissance groups. In the second part of 2022, the SOD employees with the skills of sappers continued to demine liberated territories and buildings in the East of the country.

The cooperation between NABU and the state-owned Ukrainian National Center for Peacebuilding, acting as the National Information Bureau, proved to be effective. It resulted in launching a hotline for prompt response to the facts of human rights violations during russia's armed aggression. In the second part of 2022, NABU employees processed more than 15,000 appeals.

64 NABU employees received awards and honors from the President of Ukraine and the Ministry of Defence for their significant contribution to countering the enemy, two of them — Majors Ivan Hvozdev and Taras Pona — posthumously.


36 collaborators and fire adjusters detained

86 firearms and grenades seized

14 counter-sabotage activities carried out

3,000 reports on enemy targets obtained

120 enemy facilities hit (based on NABU's recon)

15,000+ appeals for prisoners of war, forcibly deported and missing persons processed


Kharkiv region, Kharkiv city


37+ km of roads and roadsides

6,8 km of terrain under power lines

2 hectares of land


35 main parts of MLRS rockets

280 artillery shells and their remains

37 anti-tank and unguided air missiles

64 anti-tank mines